World-Class, Advanced Technology in display at IFCEE 2015

Soilmec and Soilmec North America will be showing off next-generation multifunctional drill rigs in two weeks at the International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo - IFCEE 2015 in San Antonio, TX.

San Antonio, TX – Foundation contractors, geotechnical engineers, and other professionals will be gathering at the International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo - IFCEE 2015. Soilmec and Soilmec North America will be showing off our next-generation multifunctional rotary drill rigs, the SR-75 and SR-45; two micro-drilling rigs, the SM-17 and SM-4; and several pieces of ancillary equipment.

Soilmec new rotary drill rigs deliver greater power, flexibility, performance, and operator comfort. These versatile rigs can be used for traditional drilled pile construction (cased or uncased), as well as fit with advanced “kits” of various combinations of ancillary components.

The new generation of drill rigs offers:
- Decreased fuel consumption and more power with the Tier 4 engine
- Superb rig control and remote monitoring with the new Drilling Mate System (DMS Wi-Fi)
- Greater stability and depth capability with the integrated redesign of the mast, rotary, Kelly, and parallelogram
- Improved operator comfort and control with the redesigned cab with ergonomic controls
- Easier transportability with the lower rig weight

These rigs can be used to perform large diameter bored piling (LDP); continuous flight auger (CFA) piling by means of a longer auger string; cased auger piling (CAP) with a double independent rotary system; displacement piling (DP) with the new traction compacting tool (TCT); and turbojet (TJ) soil consolidation. They can also be fit with a short mast for large diameter piling under low-headroom (LHR) conditions.

One of the highlights at IFCEE will be a Soilmec SR-75 multifunctional rig fit with the new traction compacting tool. Unlike standard displacement piling that displaces soil during downward penetration, TCT’s displacement process mainly occurs during the tool extraction phase. This means that smaller-sized drill rigs can drive the tool, since drill rigs typically have a higher extraction force capacity than pull-down force. TCT displacement piling can be performed with any Soilmec SR or SF rig.

Soilmec will also feature their new multipurpose rigs engineered to execute micropiles, tiebacks, anchors, jet-grouting, and mini-piles, including their smallest drilling rig yet: the new SM-4 rig. The SM-4 is specifically designed for very restricted access and space, given its compact dimensions, retracting crawlers, and telescopic low-height mast. Tested all over the world for quality and safety, Soilmec innovative technologies give customers a competitive edge with an expanded repertoire of services.

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